Is Youtube really dead? I started a brand new channel to find out.

I recently read an article that asserted that Youtube was dead. The author made a few valid points some of which the comment section vehemently disagreed with. They insist that Youtube has and continues to be a profitable venture.

Personally, I have watched Youtube change drastically over the years. One of the undeniable changes that negatively affect content creation is the censorship. Content creators who were once vocal and confident are now timid and on edge afraid of saying or doing anything that would earn their channel a community violation. For many the platform is their main source of income, losing it would cause them to spiral financially. They seemingly have built their houses on sandy beaches with an ocean view have to tiptoe around the algorithm.

I have watched great content creator leave or get banned from the platform as the opportunity for monetization have captured the hearts and minds of new creators. I remember putting up my first video back in 2009, it was about health. From there I have often spoken about the subjects that I am passionate about. The idea of solely creating content for money somehow never set right with me. The desire for content has reached an insatiable high opening breathing new life into those who had given up on the platform.

Is Youtube dead? I decided to see what would happen if I started from scratch.

Can a new content Creator make it on the tube in 2022? How long will it take to become financially viable? Can I make a living wage from Youtube?

Make or Break

Testing/reviewing money, health and lifestyle products/hacks shared everyday on social media to see if they are worth the hype. “You never know when we may strike gold.”

Tune in to see.



Author, mom, vegan food business owner and truth seeker.

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